See instructions for the alora theme here.

Setting Up the evolve Theme Homepage

Video Tutorial

When you install and activate your evolve theme, you will see that your homepage is already automatically in place.

Below are instructions for configuring different sections of the homepage.

You will need to go to Appearance > Theme Options in order to access controls for these sections.


Top Slider

At the top of the homepage is a slider area. By default, you have 3 different sliders you can put in that area:

  1. Bootstrap Slider
  2. Parallax Slider
  3. Posts Slider


You can choose to use any of these 3 sliders on the homepage. You can also choose to use all 3, or even none at all.

To place a slider into the homepage, go to Appearance > Theme Options and click the slider you’re interested in, and then go to the top of the settings and use the pulldown menu to choose where to place the slider. If you choose “Manually select in a Post/Page edit mode” then the slider will not appear anywhere automatically.


On the settings for the slider, you can also control other aspects of the slider, such a speed, fonts, etc.

Change Slides

In order to change the slides themselves, go to the Slides section of the slider and upload your new images there. You will also be able to control the slide description, button, etc. from here.



Style for Slideshow Areas

You can control the overall style for slideshow areas by going to Appearance > Theme Options > Styling > Slideshow & Widget Area.



Boxes on Homepage

In order to edit the boxes below the slider on the homepage, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Front Page Content Boxes.

From there you will be able to control the general settings for all the boxes, as well as the content for individual box.



Recent Posts Area Below Boxes

The recent posts area below the boxes on the homepage takes its layout style from the overall site’s layout.

You can control that by going to Appearance > Theme Options > Layout.


Setting Up the alora Theme Homepage

To set up the homepage for the alora theme, the first thing you’ll need to do is to create a page that will act as the homepage.

Do that by going to Pages > Add New. Then give the page a name, and on the right hand side, select the 100% Width template from the dropdown template menu.



Next, go to Settings > Reading and set a “static page” as your Front Page. Choose the page you’ve just created.



Adding Content to Your Homepage

You can add all sorts of content to your homepage in order to build it out as you like.

If you would like to add a slider, go to the bottom of the edit screen and choose from one of the sliders there.

In the example, the Theme4Press Slider is being used.



Important: In order for your slider to show up, you first must create the slider and then assign slides to the slider you’ve created.

For example, in order to create a Theme4Press slider, you’ll need to click the link for it on the left hand side.


Once again, you will FIRST need to create a SLIDER. Then you will need to create SLIDES and assign them to the SLIDER.

Once you do that, when you choose the “Slider Type” at the bottom of the edit screen (e.g. Theme4Press Slider), then you will be able to choose which slider of all the Theme4Press sliders you have created. (You can create more than one.)


Adding Other Content to Your Page

Besides adding a slider to your page, you can add all sorts of other content via shortcodes. (You can also add content via the editor as you normally would.)

In order to get to the shotcode options, click the shortcode button on the top of the visual editor.


There you will see a list of all sorts of shortcodes you can insert into your page, things from content boxes to google images to buttons and recent blog posts.

The design you make is completely up to you.



Hide Title on Homepage

As this page is your homepage, it’s unlikely that you’ll want a traditional title on it.

You can hide the title by going to the bottom of the edit screen and finding the option there to hide it.