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Many Useful Shortcodes Based On The Famous Bootstrap Framework



messages come in various basic types. You can also configure a custom type to your own preferences


allows you to pull in blog posts and display them in a number of styles

Carousel Slider

lets you put a slider on a page with either images or videos in the slides

Client Slider

may be used to display logos, artwork, portfolio snapshots, promotional material and upcoming events in a carousel slider

Content Boxes

come in various types. This component is great if you want to show for example some special features of your services

Counter Blocks

lets you place boxes on your page with counters that will either count up or down, depending on your preference

Google Map

allows you to easily put a Google Map into your site. It comes with options which can set the map with unique styles and layouts


will let you to style your images with an unique look and also do other things if you like, such as animate the image

Image Carousel

allows you to put a number of images into a rotating carousel. You can either have the images pop up in a lightbox when clicked

Menu Anchor (One Page)

lets you link from one spot in a page to another spot. This is often used to create a menu for a long page that links to the different sections of the page

Portfolio Catalog

lets you pull in portfolio items to display in a carousel, a grid, or columns with excerpts

Pricing Table

is useful for different packaged offerings

Progress Bar

will show attractive, animated bars that mark your progress on something

Row / Column

can be used in addition to other shortcodes when you wish content to be located in a specific column and wish to control that


lets you insert a full width or fixed width section in your page. You can use it for example for one page layout


lets you set up boxes with different tabbed areas for your content. You can have either horizontal or vertical tabs


may be used for one or more than one testimonial. When adding more than one testimonial, the display will change to a slider to cycle through the testimonials one at a time

Coming Soon

We are still working hard on the new shortcodes. We will bring something new again!

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