Theme Installation Issues


I am getting Are You Sure You Want To Do This? or Please try again error message


This message appears when you install the theme through the WordPress admin interface (Appearance   Install):

Your server setting doesn't have the minimum PHP resources for the theme installation. The recommended values are as follow:
max_execution_time 60
memory_limit 128M
post_max_size 32M
upload_max_filesize 32M

These values you can set in your server configuration (usually php.ini file) or a PHP config interface. If you are not sure about this setting, please contact your hosting provider for further help.


I am getting a blank page when installing through FTP


An empty (blank) page appears when you install the theme through FTP interface (with an FTP program - for example, FileZilla):

You are probably copying files with an auto mode, which usually breaks the file lines, and then it will produce a blank page. There is no need to reinstall WordPress installation, just access the theme folder through the FTP program and rename it to something else (for example evolve-1). Then visit your WordPress admin interface again. The default theme will be enabled. Rename the theme back to its original folder name. Now change the transfer type in your FTP program to a binary mode, restart the FTP program and copy the files again. For FileZilla the mode you can set as follows:

  • Transfer   Transfer Type   Binary
  • Restart FileZilla
  • Copy the theme files again
If you are still getting the blank page, please enable the WordPress to debug mode so you can determine the issue. You can post the error in our support forums for further assistance.


I am getting PHP Warning: is_readable(): open_basedir restriction in effect... error message


This warning is normally (not always) associated with MS Windows IIS web servers when an open_basedir directive is used to configure the server. Simply, copy the error text completely and send it to your web hosting service support. Also, ask to make a folder exception that isn’t allowing access through the file. They will understand what is to be done. If they refuse to assist you, you must consider changing your web host.


If you are experiencing any error which is not described above, please submit a new topic on our forum mentioning your issue.


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