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Lindy Madsen
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I’m aware, that you are doing a good job helping people in here, and this is not personal in any way.
But it is very bad ethics, to keep selling a theme, that has so many errors, as the evolve-theme has right now.
And it’s unfriendly to actual customers, to keep them in the dark about an update.

That being said, you can look at this forum to see what is broken. I have experienced a lot of what is mentioned, from missing Title on pages, to positions of elements to go wrong. I’ve tried to install the theme on some of my hobby pages, and the errors seems to be consistent, no matter what the content of the page is. Hence, it must be the Theme, that’s got problems since the 4.0 update…

I just think you should do the right thing and not sell the theme until you have fixed those issues you have been told about in this forum and I bet, on emails… And then tell us costumers, who have paid for this Theme, when there’ll be an update.