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Timothy Hall
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Right – I already knew that I could select either a color or an image (but not both); and that’s why I’m using the Background Manager plugin I mentioned – because I need to be able to do more than just one image OR a color choice for the backgrounds.

However, the background manager plugin is not playing nice with your theme.
And since the Background Manager plugin is no longer being supported I thought you might have thoughts or suggestions on how to accomplish the following..

On a per-page basis: I need to have background images with transitions, including overlay choices, and a background color (with image opacity settings ‘to reveal the underlying background color).

You don’t offer this in the current theme itself; but my hope is you’ll be able to offer a fix – maybe via a custom function – that would enable inserting of third-party background plugins, and that will override (replace) your Alora background image and color overrides.

Here’s a (7min 23sec) screen capture movie to demonstrate the issues I am experiencing with the custom background plugin and the Alora theme.

BTW: Thank you for the attention to detail ‘evident throughout this theme.
Bravo !!!