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Denzel Chia
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Please kindly read my replies.

I did not ask you to import demo content on your existing setup. I advised you to create another setup on your computer and use that to try out version 1.9 and import demo content on this new setup.

Regarding the Yoga page that you mention. Yes you can create it in Evolve+ version 1.8

It was created with a normal page, and the recent_posts shortcode, which generated via theme4press core plugin.
Paste the following in your page content editor.

And a bit of Custom CSS.

In Theme Options -> general -> Select a layout
Select the second “one sidebar” layout and you will have one sidebar on the right of your webpage for every page.

If you need further assistance, please kindly post your website url here. I need to see what you have created, so that I provide solution to your problem.