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Denzel Chia
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Thank you very much for purchasing our product.

It’s difficult for us to provide you with any custom css solution without actually seeing your website.
You can set up a live demo site, create the mockups that you would like to have and then get back to us with the url to your mockup pages that requires attention.

For example,

1) We can use custom css to set a max-width to the 100% Width template of Alora Theme. In Theme Options -> Custom CSS

Please see screenshot of the result.

2) For the content boxes. You can experiment with the Theme4press core plugin’s shortcode editor button. The button with a number 4 icon on the post / page content editor. Use that to insert the content_boxes shortcode and then we can use custom css to do some simple modifications if there is a need.

Please see screenshot of the mentioned button.

Please see screenshot of content boxes created by the content_boxes shortcode.

3) We can provide custom css code to change any header that you want and is unable to change it via Theme Options, but we need to see your mockup.

I would suggest you setup a new WordPress installation for each of your mockup (One for Evolve+ and One for Alora), install the theme and import demo content. Then you can use the demo content as references for your project.

I think that’s all for now. Hope to see your mockup website soon, so that we can serve you better.