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There is a line of code in custom-css.php at line 492, which is overwriting your css in child theme’s style.css
This line of code has the !important mark.
The custom-css.php is loaded after style.css, so there is no way to overwrite it unless we use a function in child theme.

I added the following codes in your child theme’s functions.php

This will print the above style code after custom-css.php and in HTML head.
This is the only way to keep this style code working in child theme.

Please see screenshot, your menu is working properly now.

As for your additional issues.

I do not understand issue 1.

For issue 2, I found a plugin called TemplatesNext ToolKit in your plugins folder.
I go into it templatesnext-toolkit -> inc -> widgets -> widget-image.php line 77, found the following codes.

$output .= '<a href="'.$image_1_url.'" target="_blank">';

Change to the following.

$output .= '<a href="'.$image_1_url.'" target="_self">';

Please note that your additional issues are not part of our product and I am doing it out of goodwill.
Sorry, I cannot be providing anymore support for issues not related to our products.