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Excuse my late reply..

Please type the following informations without “”:

Vorname / First Name: “Max”
Nachname/ Surename: “Mustermann”
Adresse / Address: “Example Street 1”
Ort / Place: “Musterstadt”
Postleitzahl / Postal Code: “12345”
E-Mail Adresse / E-Mail Address: “
Telefon / Telephone Number: 0123-123456789

If do you see any other problems on my site, please let me know. The Field on step 4 is very small (See in your screenshot “Anmerkung zur Bestellung”).
After upgrade to evolve plus 2.0.0, step 4 looks like this screenshot:

Do you have a fix for this problem, too?

I hope you can understand me. My english is unfortunately not so good :-/.