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Greg Vaughan
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I’m chiming in here because I haven’t found an answer anywhere else in the forum.

I want to know how to center a footer with text centered in the footer. In the footer appearance section, I’ve set the footer set to no columns (if that is what the first box with no columns means). I created a footer called BBBlack footer, which is intended to be the common footer for all site pages. In that widget, I loaded visual editor, where I entered and formatted text. The text is properly centered, but the box outline containing it is aligned on the left side of the page. Furthermore, that box doesn’t size enough to contain my text without wrapping. I’d like to fix that too.

Also, If I set the footer to allow for three widget columns, where do those options appear. Can I enter the visual editor widget in the center of three columns? I don’t see where setting the columns makes any difference within the theme.

You might say I have footer issues. Help will be greatly appreciated.