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Denzel Chia
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Sorry for late reply. Our forum was down for a few days.

You mentioned that in Free Evolve Theme all worked fine, Please see my previous reply. I mentioned that there is a bug with the Evolve Plus Theme, which is why your layout was broken. You should remove all the custom css given, and use the following solution to fix the bug.

In header.php at line 48 to 60, The following code is wrong.

Should be as follows. So that the div #righttopcolumn does not get removed when social links are disabled in header, and broke the structure.

In my previous reply I had point to you the following link which has a solution for the same issue on your site, customer replied that everything was fixed after I applied the solution.

You mentioned that there is no FTP access, therefore I cannot apply the fix for you.

I would like to inform you that, custom CSS cannot solve your issue properly because HTML is broken, you should revert and apply the fix, then we can iron out any remaining CSS issue efficiently.

Hope my explanation is clear.

Sorry for all this inconveniences.
Looking forward to your reply.