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Denzel, you guys should cool off a bit , to start with you guys are selling a product which is not working as described. On of it all this, nevermind.

Hello Steve, Since you asked I would like to update about what I did. After spending couple of hundred bucks on fixing this because I had already committed my future clients site will be up and running , I found it’s not fixable beyond a point.

Example : He was able to fix the Parallax slide text overlap, and Icons text overlap issue button Menu was so responsive on mobile still there were some text overlaps. However on tablet it was manageable but I wouldn’t call it super responsive.

So finally I brought this and symobically laid my investment in this theme to rest and went with another theme called the7 even that one has some issues but definetely not like evolve plus. Site is now fully functional crossing my fingers, hopefully it holds on for few more months

In this process learned a lot about WP framework , I might be switching to a little more stable and secure framework in near future.

Cheers mate ! Hope you find a suitable solution here.