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Krystal R
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You have still have not even started to answer my question.

Considering that is the landing page in which I was directed from wordpress to purchase the upgrade to the evolve theme, and that is where the social share box is showing (I realize it isn’t the demo page for the theme), it would seem the social share box was like the one used in the theme or that Theme4Press would at the least have some knowledge of the social share box. Are we not on Theme4Press in the support forum right now?

And considering that I was using the free version of the theme beautifully and the areas that were darkened clearly indicate that by purchasing the upgrade that I will have customizing options:

Social Share Box Shortcode

Social Sharing Box Custom Icons Color
Select a custom social icon color.

Social Sharing Box Icons Boxed
Controls the color of the social icons in the sharing box.

Social Sharing Box Icons Custom Box Color
Select a custom social icon box color.

Social Sharing Box Icons Boxed Radius
Box radius for the social icons. In pixels, ex: 4px.

Social Sharing Box Icons Tooltip Position
Controls the tooltip position of the social icons in the sharing box.

Here is the pic that shows the darkened area on the free version before the upgrade:

My original question “The social share box in the upgraded theme is not even working at all”. You can look to the bottom of the pic I have shared as a post on my site to see the social share icons showing on my posts. The same social icons I had with the free version.
I know I can get a plug in for sharing, I’ve used plenty of them. I like the idea of keeping my plug ins to a minimum, thus I purchased the upgraded theme because of the customizing options it said it offered. I obviously could have purchased a social share box for a lot less than a theme upgrade.