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Aldrich Arundel
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Hi Denzel! you did it! The site looks very nice! Thank you so much!

however i do still have 3 things… (very big embarrassed smiley)

-The slider on the mobile device but you knew that already..
-I wanted the logo on the left on mobile device but in the middle on the desktop. On the desktop the logo (since the new css that works (i’m very happy for that)) is on the left now too. I tried several things my self in theme options and the custom css but nothing seems to work. if it can’t be both a different way i rather have them both in the center.
-the heather on the mobile device is adjustable with the costume css. Is there a possibility to make the heather smaller on the desktop also? so that there is last white above and below the logo?

and Denzel what is your home adres? i would like to sent you a small gift from the Netherlands to show how much I appreciated your help these couple of days…

Greeting Kim