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i make some try but its difficult for me to tell you all i have in my mind,
cause my english is not so good, so sorry!!

I’ll try..!

1) i make a simple page, a center logo and i have the fixed footer with copyright and so on.
I set

“Page options”:
– display header: no
– Page: Full Width Yes

Background options:
Layout: default

in “Following options only work in boxed mode” nothing

in “Following options work in boxed and wide mode” i set:
Background Image for Main Content Area: “my image”
100% Background Image = yes
Background Repeat = tile

and all the othe options defaults

if i preview the page i dont see the image, only blank background and the footer
BUT if i set this:

<div style=”text-align: center; color: #c9b57d; font-size: 18px; height: 800px”>

i see the background image!
image is resizable but have a fixed heigt and if i resize the page,
for example half of the originale page, the image resize correctly but “i can scroll down and up”!!
I mean ALL i have in the page, the footer, logo and text scroll over the image and the background image looks like flashes just a little…!

there is a way to make all resize, background, text over, image, all, without having them scolling over the background image?
(hope you understand what i mean..sorry for the english!!)

ps: I also tried also on more complex pages and i see that i can have wide and boxed background!
but this is another story i’ll try to explain later if you have time and patience!!