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steven wilson
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you display a message about installing required plugins after evolve is activated. why can’t that message instead state that all current plugins are about to be deactivated and allow the user to first make a note of what plugins are currently active?

if I don’t go to the recently active tab immediately after installing evolve, and instead re-enable one of the plugins I know I need, then that ends up being the only plugin listed on the recently active tab. there’s no ‘history’ on the recently active tab. I really like evolve but there must be a better way for the theme to see what plugins are built in within the theme instead of deactivating all plugins at once. the biggest issue here is that I had tested 4 different maintenance landing page plugins, so while the site is being built the visitors will see an ‘under construction’ page. I ultimately used one of them. so during the time I had to test and enable and disable each of the maintenance plugins I have installed, the site was showing the actual content (which isn’t ready to go live yet) rather than the maint. page.