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Roman. i have a lot…a lot of problems with internet Explorer 8!
with safari on Windows xp is all fine, but with internet Explorer 8 a lot of visual problem…
you dont have a chance to see on IE8?

i have to make a lot of screenshots?


heer are some problems:

– menu, when scrolling, lost his background image and become transparent (lost his black image background in header menu)

are all wrong: lost his size (wisth and height), a lot of problem…

, lost his correct positions!

lost positions, borders and background color…when inside the tag:

looks like fullwidth cause a lot of problems….!

PS: fullwidth looks like work ok in size and position using backgroundcolor instead of backgroundimage!!!
PS2: using image with fullwidth, with backgroundrepeat=no-repeat the image dont have the correct size (its little) and position, leaving backgroundrepeat=”” the size and positon is correct, but the image is little and repeated…with a bad result!