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Jacob Miller
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Hey Jodi,
Since I hi-jacked your thread I thought I’d offer my assistance 😉
I definitely see what you’re talking about and what Roman said is correct, it’s an effect that has been coded in, but if you would like to change it so that it doesn’t show up at all, here are a couple things you can do.
First off take a look at lines 243-246 of the style.css file:

#nav ul a:hover,#sticky-nav ul a:hover,
#nav ul .current_page_item a, #nav ul .current-menu-item a, #nav ul > .current-menu-parent a, #nav ul ul, #nav li.current-menu-ancestor a,
#sticky-nav ul .current_page_item a, #sticky-nav ul .current-menu-item a, #sticky-nav ul > .current-menu-parent a, #sticky-nav ul ul, #sticky-nav li.current-menu-ancestor a

You’ll notice that last part about the background? If you change that .02 to 0 like this: {background:rgba(0,0,0,0);} It will get rid of the effect completely but it will also get rid of the background effect on all those other menu items, if this is acceptable, then fantastic 🙂
Or, you can add this to the custom css location in the theme manager.

#nav ul a:hover {background:rgba(0,0,0,0); !important}

I’ve only tested this as far as utilizing the inspection tools firefox has to offer, if you just want to change the mouse-over effect then the second option will work, if you want to change the background that shows up to tell you what page you’re on and everything else, then use the first option. I hope this makes sense and gives you some direction on what’s going on and I’ll help you as much as I can.