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    Johan Bergstad

    Hi, I want the header to be a bit smaller then it is now bacause I need a bit from the logo to stick up above the header. But when I change the settings for the Header Top Margin too much the Logo gets pushed to the right. When I push it back to the left with some css the logo disappears a bit.
    url: http://nieuwe.roosgoesgreen.nl/

    So, what I need is a smaller header so that the bar where the spoon hangs sticks up above the header. But the bottom of the logo should stay at the same place, hanging a little bit below the header. Is that possible with some css?


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  • Alok Maheshwari
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    For the alora-row instead of margin-top:-10px; make it margin-top:-80px; and increase the top space in the image logo91.png so that the hanger is slightly lower in the image.

    Johan Bergstad
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    Thank you, that worked fine.

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