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    I’m sorry, I do not speak English, perhaps he will understand. And I’m almost blind, so I can hardly find the answers.
    I’m sorry if the topic already been created.
    I have three questions:

    1) Banner – link on the homepage
    I can not setting link in the banner site. Or more precisely I can not find where to set the banner referred to the website homepage.
    Banner already contains a logo, so it is not inserted separately.

    2) Homepage content
    I was looking for way how to in the homepage see view the new posts and new topics.
    Of bbPress I got the advice – paste as content homepage this code:
    [bsp-display-topic-index show='5' forum ='10']
    But I did not find where to influence the content of the homepage. Perhaps it is not a question at you, but in a WP I failed to detect anything, so perhaps template?

    3) Logo sticky menu, not in the header
    Banner includes a logo, so no logo inserted separately. It can however be attached to the menu?
    I guess I found a similar theme here:

    Can I have the logo show in sticky menu but not header?

    But I’m not sure. Is that it?

    Please power about council.
    Thank you, Vendulka

    website: http://www.takyzijemsvami.eu
    So far locked, yet too much work in them.
    Log in can: http://www.takyzijemsvami.eu/wp-admin/
    Username: test2
    Password: Vendulka2382

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    1) Banner – link on the homepage

    There is no option to add custom link in banner.
    The logo will only link to homepage.

    This requires modifications to the theme code.
    We do not provide assistance in modifying theme codes.
    We can only provide customization that can be done using custom css.

    You may want to hire a developer from http://jobs.wordpress.net/ to assist in your customization.

    2) Homepage content

    I do not know if the bbpress shortcode works.
    To use a shortcode, you can paste it in your WordPress content editor.
    Create page, paste the shortcode and publish.
    Login to WordPress, go to Settings -> Reading and set your page as frontpage.

    3) Logo sticky menu, not in the header

    Sorry, I do not understand this question.
    If you want to remove logo in sticky header, you can use the following in Theme Options -> Custom CSS

    Thank you.

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