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    Nathan Iyer

    Dear Evolve Devs and Community,


    I bought the Premium version so I’d be able to change the main content background away from the usual white background with black text.


    I know there is 1 option for a dark theme, which is grey


    But this theme advertises “infinite colors”, and I still can t figure out how to change the main content background away from white!


    I have searched the style sheet and tried setting various values to #000000 but it is not ever effecting main content styling of pages.


    Can someone please tell me how to change the main content away from white background with black text?


    Here’s my site for reference:






    PS: as you can see I did change the outer background to violet-ish color, but I want to change the color of where all the text is, thanks!

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  • Alok Maheshwari
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    Try the following in custom css

    .content  {background-color:grey;}

    Nathan Iyer
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    Thank You Alok!

    That solved my issue!

    For other readers, below I also change the font color, but to change font size per page I had to use per-page coding.


    But if you put the below in your Appearance->Theme Options->Custom CSS, then you will get black background, yellow text!


    Thanks again Alok!

    .content {


    font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica,





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