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    I have 16 different sidebars for my site (EvoLve is supposed to support unlimited sidebars) but for some reason, whenever I make a new page and choose one of my sidebars, it defaults to “sidebar 1”. I can go to another page that has a custom sidebar and I can change it to another sidebar, but I can’t make a new page and choose a specific sidebar. I haven’t installed any new plug-ins or updates. It just happened all of a sudden this afternoon. The only plug-ins that are active are Theme4Press Core, Redux Framework, and Links Dropdown Widget.

    Things I’ve tried to fix it:

    1. Create a new sidebar and add new widgets
    2. Deactivate and reactivate plug-ins
    3. Turning off all plug-ins and then adding pages.
    4. Flush the cache (a GoDaddy option in the Dashboard ribbon)
    5. Try adding new pages in another browser

    Temp URL for site is: http://30f.975.myftpupload.com

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  • Daryl Martin
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    Well, I guess all it took was me posting to this forum! I fixed it, but I’m not sure what was broken. I was looking at the existing sidebars and saw one that didn’t have a Sidebar Name or CSS class (see pic below). I removed it and everything started working again.

    Screenshot of existing sidebars

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