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    I created 4 content boxes with some very detailed information using the shortcode icon in the visual editor. If I want to make changes to the existing shortcode after it’s been initially generated do I need to edit the shortcode directly in the editor, or is there a way to bring the already generated shortcode back into the panels/input fields that were originally used to generate the short code. I was hoping that all I needed to do was place my cursor in the shortcode area and press the T4P icon and I would get a panel with all the fields filled in that I could make modifications to. It doesn’t seem to work this way though 🙁

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  • Denzel Chia
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    Sorry, the shortcode editor is not capable of doing that.
    You will have to manually edit in editor.

    Thank you

    Christopher Conklin
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    Thank You for the answer .. It would be nice if this functionality could be added in a future release.

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