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    Harald Röh

    I wonder whether I can customize my main menu width depending on the width of my browser window.
    If you decrease the window width on my test website http:bu.gfvev.de you can see that at some point the main menu first switches to a two line display (which looks ackward) and after another decrease in width switches to an icon display (which is ok).

    Is there a custom css which prevents this switch to a two line display and at once switches to an icon display?

    Thanks and best regards

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  • Daniel Jones
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    Hi Harald,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    Unfortunately, that is a default behavior, you can test is under our live demo site http://demo.theme4press.com/evolve/. Under 992px wide viewport, the main menu will have multiple lines if needed, then it will be changed into a hamburger menu icon under 768px wide viewport.

    There is no built-in setting to change that, you might want to customize the theme instead. You can put a custom request here; https://theme4press.com/theme-customization-service/.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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