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    Kevin Moore

    Can anybody help me?

    When I click on edit page I get the following message:

    WordPress database error Table “wordpress new.wp_layerslider ‘does not exist in query SELECT * FROM wp_layerslider
    WHERE flag_hidden = ‘0’ AND flag_deleted = ‘0’
    ORDER BY ASC date_c made by include (‘E: \ Inetpub \ vhosts \ ooievaart.nl \ httpdocs \ wp-admin \ edit-form-advanced.php), do_meta_boxes, call_user_func, evolve_ThemeFrameworkMetaboxes-> evolve_page_options, evolve_ThemeFrameworkMetaboxes-> evolve_render_metabox

    I have no idea how to solve this.

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  • Denzel Chia
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    Please post your WordPress login access and FTP details in private reply.

    I will help you fix the issue.

    Thank you.

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