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    Cyrille Sanson-Stern
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    There is a new version of evolve+, but there is no notification in the back-office.

    Is this normal behavior?


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  • vanja acimovic
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    sometime is take few minutes, sometimes few hours
    i get update, but something is very wrong, maybe is better to wait for answer on my question before you update 😉

    Cyrille Sanson-Stern
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    Hi Vanja,

    For last update it was the same. All was messed up. I’ve the habit now. 😉

    This time it’s the same. I test on a dev site before updating the main website.

    All plugins are deactivated. Jump from child theme to main theme. Then do several test to understand how to have the things back in the good behavior…

    vanja acimovic
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    last time i have no problems, maybe it will be better with 2.7 🙂

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    notifications are shown when your wp installation makes a cron job update. you can little bit ping it under Dashboard -> Updates, yes, 2 users already reported a bug..waiting for their replies..sorry for any inconveniences 😉

    Michael Ginsburg
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    I didn’t see the update notification initially as well.

    I tried to ping the update notification but still no luck.

    I then went and re-entered my login details in the “theme updates” option under appearance.

    Still no luck.

    I then pinged the update manually one more time and voila – the update notification was there!

    I do have a question though: will I continue to be able to receive update notifications in my WP dashboard once my access to the support forums end.

    Will my login details still work for that?

    Denzel Chia
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    Hi Michael,

    You will still be getting automatic updates, but you will not be able to access this forum.

    Thank you.

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