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    Mirjana Miljevic

    Hello dear forum,

    I have problem with my footer content, text is unballanced, footer widget 1 is on straight line, but footer widget 2(added alora social facebook like widget) is getting out line, text isn’t straight in line, i mean, they are not in center, every widget takes his own place as hi want to, i want all fixed and straight position and text position. I need CSS code for moving margins of footer widget 1,2,3,4. Sorry for not good explanation of my problem, not very good english speaker.

    Best Regards, Mirjana

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  • Denzel Chia
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    Please post your website URL.

    Tell me what alignment you want your footer widget’s text to be.
    There is only left, right, center.
    Please choose.

    Thank you

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