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    Christian Morin

    Hi guys !
    Allow me to explain this situation: I just put our development website online and it works very well when I access it through the development URL:

    I have pointed our usual domain name “artistespourlapaix.org” to the new site. This is done by having the URL artistespourlapaix.org point at the proper directory, in this case /www/aplpweb.koumbit.org/ .

    The problem is this:
    http://aplpweb.koumbit.org loads just fine and the whole site works very well.
    http://artistespourlapaix.org loads the home page, but the FontAwesome icons won’t load.

    Both URLs access the same directory and the same index.php file, so the home page should load in a similar way. I have discussed this with our host and they say it’s probably something within the theme. This defies logic, which is why I’m submitting this problem to you.

    Thanks in advance. I hope my exposé is clear enough.

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  • Denzel Chia
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    Your WordPress URL and Site URL has to be the same.
    If not Firefox and Chrome will block your font icons.

    Thank you.

    Christian Morin
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    Thank you Denzel. I just saw there is indeed no problem with Safari.
    So redirecting the URL from the new URL to the old one (instead of pointing to the directory) would be a workaround for now. What do you think ?

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