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    Greg Vaughan
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    I’m currently using bootstrap slider to show a single landscape image across the screen of my home page, above the content buttons. Using bootstrap, however, creates left and right navigations buttons, which zoom up the page after a few seconds since there is only one image. I’d like to simplify this layout to have the same look without using bootstrap. When I add an image to the visual editor of the home page,however, it just puts a small version of the image in the lower left corner below the content buttons. How to I have an image span the page above the content buttons?

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  • Denzel Chia
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    Sorry, that will require customization. You can hire a developer to do it or contact us for this customization via our services page

    Alternatively, you can use the following code in your Theme Options-> Custom CSS to hide the left and right slider control.


    Greg Vaughan
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    Thanks, hiding the bootstrap navigation arrows pretty much gave me the appearance I sought. It just seemed that using bootstrap for a single image was overkill somehow.

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