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    Nick Murray

    Hi, I just upgraded from evolve lite to evolve plus and my site now has some demo material on it. I cant figure out how to get rid off/edit the slider that shows 2 images. One image shows the picture of 2 girls with bunny rabbit ears and the text ‘very simple slider’. Then there is another image that is of some weird houses and the text says ‘yet responsive’.

    I just want to know what it is and how to edit it. I can edit the bootstrap slider and the parallax slider but I don’t know how to edit these images. Any help would be greatly appreciated. See the site at myhouseautomation.com


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  • Nick Murray
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    I eventually figured this one out. it is called a Theme4you slider and I found where to edit it in the wordpress menu. Strange that it is not located near the other sliders?

    Denzel Chia
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    That is part of Theme4Press core plugin, and it uses custom post type.
    This is why it’s not located in Theme Options, but has it’s own location in Admin menu.

    Thank you.

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