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    Peter Rose

    How can I change the setting so that posts will not show the date, author, and “comments off” which is currently showing on the post?

    How can I turn off the “about the author” and “comments closed” from the bottom of the post?

    Here is the link.
    This is a test post: http://ydrconnect.com/testimonials/

    I installed a jobs plugin and the post it created also has the same issue, so I believe this can be universally changed in the theme. In other themes I’ve used there was a check box to turn off. I couldn’t find in Alora.

    This is the job plugin generated post: http://ydrconnect.com/job/executive-chef/

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  • Roman
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    it would be better if you add this post as a page, then all those meta can be disabled. same for the plugin page.

    Peter Rose
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    For posting jobs, I installed WP Job Manager. This is the most robust job posting plugin I could find. I create the jobs within the plugin. I then created a page called “Find Jobs” and put the short code in. When the viewer clicks on a job it shows the job post that was created by the plugin. So I need a way to turn off the Date/Author/Comments for that.

    Here is the Find Jobs page. http://ydrconnect.com/candidates/jobs/

    Here is a job post. http://ydrconnect.com/job/executive-chef-2/

    Alok Maheshwari
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    You can try hiding it by using css.

    Peter Rose
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    Thanks. That worked.

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