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    Bryan Grandy

    Hello, my name is Bryan Grandy and I’ve got a Visual Composer 4.5 error that won’t go away. At the top of every screen, it says:

    “Important notice: You have an outdated version of Visual Composer Design Options. It is required to review and save it.” and has a button to go to Design Options.

    I review them and hit save. the notice doesn’t go away. I’ve tried other browsers (IE, FF, currently using Chrome) with no luck. I search your knowledge base and forum with no mention of this issue.
    I’ve googled it and others said to download and install the latest version, so i have re-downloaded the most current version of the alora theme V 2.7.0 with VC 4.5. I uninstalled and reinstalled using first the uploader to reinstall with no luck. When that didn’t work i tried manually uploading the files and activating them. I’m running the latest version of your theme and WordPress V. 4.2.2 so everything is up to date. I’m happy to email you FTP / Admin access if that will help. I’ve cleared my caches, too, fyi, restarted my computer and it still remains. I only use forum posts when desperate, and i can’t seem to find this solution. Can you help me please so i can continue to use your Alora Theme? my email is bryangrandy@gmail.com if you need it. I’ll click notify so i know when you respond.

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    as I can see, the current VC version is 4.5.2. so please update it..this is not our theme related issue.

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