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    Klaus Preuss

    Hey Folks,

    a few minutes ago i’ve got the pleasure in first time updating my alora-installation to 2.7.7 via this wonderful new auto-update feature added in version 2.7.x.
    The first try gave me an error due to wrong rights on some translation-files i’d created (again) while going to the 2.7.x.
    So -this- system behavior was a very import hint. Before fixing the access-rights on these files and triggering the update again i made a backup of these files.
    This was well done.
    The update will kill all added translations and refurbish the languages folder with a set of en_US (quite OK) and a set of sk_SK (what the heck is this?).
    Indeed i’ve got no problem with people from Slovakia, but where are my own translation-files?
    So i replenished the folder from my earlier copied backup and everything is as it should be.

    Dear alora-user…
    do a backup of your translations!

    Dear Theme4Press-Team….
    Please do a review of the update-process….
    This shouldn’t happen…
    If the user did a complete backup of his former site (probably in a bunch of zip-files), there would be a huge amount of work to extract the personal translations.


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