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    Marcus Krämer

    I’m running two up to date WP sites and tried to update to Evolve+ 2.6.4 (from 1.8.5).

    I appriciate all the work for the bomb of funtions and changes 🙂 but my first problem is the main menu, which has graphic issues with main and sticky menu:

    Please compare:
    – ‘normal’ using Evolve+ 1.8.5: http://tinyurl.com/zemcrmg
    – same site (testclone) using Evolve+ 2.6.4: http://tinyurl.com/z2c3ff2

    Also try to load in MS IE (my one: 11) and Firefox (46.0.1), it looks very different and misbehave.

    I tried to change the header and menu settings, but had no luck.

    I don’t think this is something you shipped like this. May be I have to reset all changes?

    Thanks for your support!

    Best Regards

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  • Marcus Krämer
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    Another thing related to this issue is the behave of the menu itself in Firefox. Try to move the cursor about the menu entries, the mouse over will ‘slide up’ the menu instead of just flash it.

    Denzel Chia
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    Your menu does not look and behave the same as my menu on my test site.

    Are you using custom css for your menu in 2.6.4?
    If yes, I suggest you to remove it and use what’s available in Theme Options -> Styling -> Menu

    the mouse over will ‘slide up’ the menu instead of just flash it.

    Sorry, I do not understand this. Maybe you are referring to the menu item animation.
    You can go to Theme Options -> Header -> Menu -> Choose menu item hover effect
    To choose your effect or turn it off.

    Thank you.

    Marcus Krämer
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    The only CSS I use is a fix for Contact Form 7:

    /* Format checkboxes/radio buttons in Contact 7 Forms as a list */
    span.wpcf7-list-item { display: block; }

    I also tried to switch from the child theme to the main theme, but I have still this issues with the menue.

    I can confirm, that a brand new installation does not have this issues

    I you have checked the link you will notice what I mean regarding the behave of the menu:

    Anyway: I made a full reset to the theme settings, that gives me the posibility to re-arange the theme changes.

    I also tried the export/import function (export from 1.8.5 and import in 2.6.4, but that does not work, e.g. the front page boxes and slider settings had not been transfered).

    Daniel Jones
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    Hi Marcus,
    Thanks for reaching out to us again.

    Kindly could you check if there’s a third party plugin conflicting with the theme. Try to deactivate them, then check again if the issue is resolved. You may reactivate them one by one to identify the culprit.

    Please let me know how it goes.

    Marcus Krämer
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    Hm, I thought about this, but it is a 1:1 clone. Means I have copied all the files and transfered a copy of the DB directly into the new DB.
    The only thing I had to change are the Blogname and URL’s in wp_options.

    In the meanwhile I switched off all plugins, there is no change.

    If I change the ‘Choose menu item hover effect’ to smooth, it looks much better by using mouse over the menu buttons. The font is crazy, but may be this has changed during the updates and can be configured.

    I still have a ghost menu in the top on different workstations and browsers, reproducable. What I mean is: the switch between sticky menu and standard menu is not working well, I sometimes have both visible.

    And light effekt of the the menu bar is not as it should be.

    Let me go through the options to see, if reconfiguring will change the odd behave.

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