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    I am using the alora theme for two websites. The mobile theme is working perfectly in http://makebigtobaccounprofitable.com but it is not working at all in http://workforthecommongood.com.

    I have compared the settings in both sites and they seem to be the same. My mobile phone is an iPhone 5s.

    I really like your theme a lot and this is the first problem I have not been able to fix. So I need your help.


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  • Denzel Chia
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    You will have to find out which plugin or content or custom css that you have entered is breaking the mobile layout.

    Remove what you have on http://workforthecommongood.com/ but does not exist on http://makebigtobaccounprofitable.com/

    You mentioned that you are using Alora for both site, so the theme code is the same, it has to be plugin or your added content or custom css, that breaks your mobile responsive view.


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