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    jason sayer

    Hi, I am very thankful for your and everyone’s effort. Im on disability right now and just trying to keep myself busy. could you please help me with settings?

    1) I would like to have a front page with featured posts up at top and recent posts in grid format below it along with the sidebar on the right. The front page is to be called home. Would like to have 4-6 recent posts
    2) Then I would like to post to a blog page in traditional format.

    Do you know which plugin works best similar to PicGridder? Or, do you know of any plugin which mirrors the functions of PixGridder which work well with Alora? My primary concern is adding text and other features to static pages. Please use basic language and clear step by step instructions, as this is my first time working with WP or any other for that matter. Thank you.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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