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    Harald Röh

    I was using evolve and upgraded to alora theme.
    Evolve came with easy default settings. Alora may be more powerful, but you have to configure quite a lot and it ist not easy, to find the correct settings.
    Therefore some questions with regards to alora settings.

    When viewing a post in alora, I see a ‘previous’ and ‘next’ link at the top of the post.
    With evolve, I could set these links to the bottom of a post. Moreover, instead of just the text ‘previous’ and ‘next’, the title of the previous and next post was shown.
    Can I get these settings in alora as well?

    Thanks and kind regards,

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  • Denzel Chia
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    Sorry, we do not provide support for customization/modification to our theme.

    Please hire a developer from http://jobs.wordpress.net/ to assist in your customization/modification


    Harald Röh
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    sorry that it is not yet configurable.
    At least the position (at top or bottom of post) should be configurable in a premium theme.
    Also, this feature is available in your evolve theme!
    In addition, your theme comparison suggests, that the alora theme is a superset of the evolve theme (including price).

    So I hope for the next update!


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