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    I just bought evolve+ and I love it so far. However a few things aren’t working and I’m not sure why.

    The tabs and the buttons. When I uploaded the demo content they didn’t appear as they do online on the “live demo site.”

    This problem, however, may be of my own doing. Let me explain, as I am a novice in coding. A little while back I needed to do some CSS modifications and installed a custom CSS plugin that lets me basically click and modify without touching the code. However there was an option to touch the code and I accidentally did. In fact, I accidentally rearranged some code and then decided it would be better to delete the whole block of code rather than leave it all mangled. I believe there was a whole chunk of

    that I deleted.

    Could this be my issue with tabs and buttons not appearing even after I tried to reload the demo content? Is there any way to either reset the whole system or have someone who knows what they’re doing come in and fix it?

    Thanks and I love this theme by the way!


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    a whole chunk of “div”

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    Since you mentioned that you have modified the theme accidentally, you can re-install a fresh copy of the theme.

    As for the demo content, you can only import it once via Theme Options-> General-> Import Demo Content . Do not do it more than once. The following is the reason why. (Copied from the popup when you click the import button.)

    WARNING: Clicking this button will replace your current theme options, sliders and widgets. It can also take a minute to complete. Importing data is recommended on fresh installs only once. Importing on sites with content or importing twice will duplicate menus, pages and all posts.

    There is no way to reset the whole system via Theme Options or WordPress admin.


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    Thanks for your quick response!

    I think I figured it out and it might help others to know this bit of info. I went through the whole process of resetting my account with my hosting service and reinstalling WordPress. I reinstalled Evolve+ and all was back to normal.

    HOWEVER! When I started to upload my plugins again I noticed the tabs and buttons once again disappeared. Through trial and error I found the plugin culprit: “Easy Responsive Tabs.” If you use this plugin it will wipe out the tabs and buttons for some reason so hopefully this can help anyone else with this issue.

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