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    Glenn Watson

    I’m trying to create a new page template from the default which has a static header image instead of any of the sliders. (I would have thought it was a bit of an obvious option to supply actually!) I can’t find the actual default page template itself. Maybe you’ve worked in a different way to other templates but I’ll be buggered if I can determine which one it is.

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    page.php, single.php etc… right now everything is located in index.php file with: is_page(), is_single(), is_category() etc… statements.

    Very soon we will port all content from index.php file to proper template files (page.php, category.php, single.php).

    So open index.php and copy the code you need and create custom template file (you must have basic PHP knowledge).


    Glenn Watson
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    Thanks. I was going to try the index.php page in the absence of any other solution.

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