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    Harald Röh

    I was using evolve and upgraded to aloa theme.
    Evolve came with easy default settings. Alora may be more powerful, but you have to configure quite a lot and it ist not easy, to find the correct settings.
    Therefore some questions with regards to alora settings.

    With evolve I could choose a wide screen size (1200px), but for alora theme I don’t see an equivalent option. Wide screen setting only yields 1000px for alora.
    Can I configure a 1200px scren size for alora or is this not possible?

    Thanks and kind regards,

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  • Denzel Chia
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    You can try out the 100% width template or the full-width template.

    In your edit page view, you can add padding under Page Options –> 100% Width Template Left/Right Padding, you can try to use this setting to adjust your 100% width template.


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