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    Karen Quigley

    WPML has been helping me resolve incompatibilities with the Evolve theme – which I chose because your website represents it is WPML compatible – but now they have referred me to this page https://wpml.org/documentation/support/language-configuration-files/ to enable translation of the front page content boxes.

    They provided the code below to allow the translation of the parallax slider. I use WordPress because I don’t do code and they apparently aren’t going to help me further. Will you help me? Please and thank you, K

    I added strings to be translated in the String Translation. To do this, I created a file called wpml-config.xml and added in the same folder of your theme. The file content is:



    <key name=”evolve-theme”>

    <key name=”evl_slide1_title” />

    <key name=”evl_slide1_desc” />

    <key name=”evl_slide1_button” />

    <key name=”evl_slide2_title” />

    <key name=”evl_slide2_desc” />

    <key name=”evl_slide2_button” />

    <key name=”evl_slide3_title” />

    <key name=”evl_slide3_desc” />

    <key name=”evl_slide3_button” />

    <key name=”evl_slide4_title” />

    <key name=”evl_slide4_desc” />

    <key name=”evl_slide4_button” />

    <key name=”evl_slide5_title” />

    <key name=”evl_slide5_desc” />

    <key name=”evl_slide5_button” />




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  • Denzel Chia
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    Just got new from the Theme author.
    He will be working on WPML compatibility.


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