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The evolve Plus theme includes a whole host of shortcodes which you can enable by installing the Component Shortcodes plugin available in the user account. The majority of pages and elements within the theme are partly built using shortcodes. Shortcodes offer a flexible and fast way to create all sorts of elements for your site - columns, tabbed areas, buttons, sliders, checklists, and a lot more.


Shortcodes TinyMCE Button


You can access the shortcodes via an icon on the visual editor. When you click on the shortcode icon, you will get a list of shortcodes to choose from. Information for individual shortcode items can be found in the subsection of this section in the documentation.


Classic Editor


To access the shortcodes in the classic editor, just click the button in the editor as shown on the screenshot below. The popup with all available shortcodes will show up.


Shortcodes Classic Editor


Gutenberg Editor - WordPress 5


In the Gutenberg editor are 2 ways how to insert Component Shortcodes. The first option is to insert shortcodes in the Classic Editor block.

a) Start by clicking on the Add block button.


Shortcodes Gutenberg


After the search field popup, type in the field Classic - 1. It will find the Classic Editor block. Chose it by clicking on element - 2.


Shortcodes Gutenberg Classic Editor Block


Once you insert the block, the classic editor will be available and you can easily start adding the shortcodes by clicking on the Component Shortcodes button.


Shortcodes Gutenberg


b) Another way how to insert the shortcodes is to insert the shortcode directly in the Shortcode block. Click on the shortcode button to create the shortcode block as shown in the picture below.


Shortcodes Gutenberg Shortcode Block


After that, the textarea field for inserting a shortcode will appear and you can start adding any shortcode of your choice.


Shortcodes Gutenberg Editor


Video Tutorial


 Video Tutorial