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  • Valerie
    April 7, 2019 at 11:06 am #43421

    Hi, I was checking my website on different screen sizes: tablet and smartphone, and I noticed some problems.

    1/ First, with the bootstrap slider of the front page. In the tablet and smartphone sizes, the image is centered, so we can’t see the text properly, plus this text miss some part: only the title is present. Is it possible to fix this or to make a different slider for these two sizes?

    2/ Then, the padding in the content section of these 2 screen sizes is too large. What is the class to reduce it?

    3/ Same with the margins in the content section, which are too big. How to reduce them?

    4/ In the “Librairie” page of the menu, which is the first menu item, the images are too small, only in the smartphone size. How to enlarge them?

    5/ Still in the “Librairie” page, I’d like the text to go under the image only for the smartphone size. Maybe it would solve the image size problem.

    6/ In the sub-pages, so sub-items of “Librairie”, the yellow and green buttons are too small. Can you tell me how to enlarge them?

    7/ Still in the sub-items of “Librairie”, I’d like the text of the content to be smaller for the smartphone size. What is the class to do that?

    8/ Then, a problems not related to the screen size: I am using your tab shortcode, and I would like to know how to justify the text in them and how to make it smaller in them for the smartphone size.

    9/ And finally, how to increase the padding in the widgets?

    Hope it’s ok if I am asking all these questions in one shot!
    Thank you!

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    May 2, 2019 at 10:41 pm #43516

    thanks for the update 😉