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  • Angela Yosten
    September 16, 2017 at 9:28 pm #34830

    I have a site I am working on using the Theme4Press Slider and would love for the settings to work that enables you to a different URL link for each slide. Unfortunately, only one URL works and takes over for all the slides. You can see it in action on http://cornfettis.com/

    The Let’s get Poppin’ slide links to where it should at http://cornfettis.com/product-category/bag-popcorn/
    However, the Popcorn Bag Sizes slide, the button URL is set to and supposed to be http://cornfettis.com/bag-size-chart/, but the Let’s get Poppin slide URL has taken over any other slide links.

    Please help. I would like for these slides to be able to link to different locations like it appears to be allowed in the settings. Unfortunately it is not working that way once published.