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    August 14, 2018 at 5:17 pm #36927

    Dear evolve theme users,

    in this topic we would like to inform you about the development process of the evolve Plus version based on the Kirki Framework so you can benefit from all the cool features. In this thread we will also inform you regularly, what the status is of the development process, what features have been added and what is in the next stage of the development. If you would love to immediatelly get an update when we upload a new version, be sure to subscribe to this topic. We would also love to hear your feedback what shall be done at first in the new implementation, leave a comment if there is a bug or any other thoughts what could improve current stage.

    What has been implemented in the current version:

    Conversion to Kirki Framework
    Theme uses options of the free version (if user used it) or options of previous version based on Redux Framework
    Implemented Theme4Press Slider with new options, improved responsiveness
    Implemented Contact Page with contact form and Google Maps API
    Added Custom Sidebars to set unique registered sidebars on various pages/posts
    100% Width Template
    Portfolio Functionality
    Built-in Mega Menu
    Added Sticky Side Navigation
    Lightbox For Images, Videos
    Header Layouts, Custom Headers per Post/Page, New Theme Options Per Post/Page
    One Page Parallax Feature
    Support For widget BOX Premium Widgets Plugin
    12 New Main Menu Hover Effects
    23 New Sub Menu Hover Effects
    3 New Search Field Styles
    Custom Fonts Option

    Current stage of implementation:

    – New Theme Options

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    March 23, 2019 at 9:50 am #43356

    Please open a new thread. This thread is only for information. Thanks