Cold hard stats. People like them because they’re so clear.

Whether it’s for your own WordPress site or a client’s, getting more stats can only help you to see things more clearly. It may be how many visitors are coming to your site, how many page views you’re getting, or which blog post title works the best for you in an A/B test.

Below we have 5 plugins that will help in these areas and others.


1. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP | DOWNLOAD



This plugin lets you bring some of your Google Analytics stats right into the admin area of your site.

In addition to getting regular visitor stats, you can enable demographic and interest reports.

Here’s a look at some basic visitor stats.



Other options include the ability to track outbound links, track downloads, and attract inbound links.

You can also track search result pages and your 404 pages.



2. Jetpack by | DOWNLOAD



If you’re familiar with the Jetpack plugin at all, then you know it’s more than a stats plugin. But it does have a nice stats function to it, and so we'll include it here.

While it doesn’t give you lots of detailed stats, it does give you an easy-to-read view of page views. It also offers a number of ways to look at those stats, including by days, weeks, and months.

One nice thing that it does is give you your busiest day right at the bottom of the graph. That constant reminder tends to act as a motivator – to congratulate you and to push you to beat it at the same time.

Here’s a look at the stats section.




3. Post View Stats| DOWNLOAD



The Post View Stats program gives you an easy-to-read view of the stats for each post.

One nice feature of this plugin is that you can see the stats in multiple places: in the post listing place, in the All Posts page, in a specialized stats area, and also in a widget if you choose to use it.

Here’s a look at the stats in the All Posts section.


Here’s a look at the dedicated stats page.




4. Title Experiments Free | DOWNLOAD



This clever plugin lets you try out different titles for a single post, doing A/B split tests to find the best one.

When a title is viewed, it’s counted as an impression. If the visitor actually clicks on the title, it’s counted as a view.

It’s as simple as that, but the stats it gives you can make a huge difference in some cases.

Here’s a look at how it works.




5. CM Custom Reports| DOWNLOAD



This plugin lets you create different reports for your clients. While the free version is somewhat limited (5 types of reports), there is a pro version that offers you up to 17 reports.

The free reports are in the area of comments, posts by author, posts by type, registered users, and top authors.

In the free version of the plugin, you can export the reports in PDF form. In the premium version, you can download PDFs, CSVs, and graphs.



See Your Results Clearly

In the end, regardless of how nice or well-planned a website is, it needs to perform. And the only way to get a view of how a site is performing or not is by getting a good hold on the stats that can be generated around it.

Hopefully, these five plugins above will help you in that regard.