Best WordPress Plugins for Developers All plugins are not created equal in the eyes of developers! This may sound like an outrageous statement but there are WordPress plugins that score highly especially in the developers’ communities.

 WordPress plugins for developers are rated highly by developers since they help make their work easier. I have researched and found these 10 WordPress plugins that stand out as the most useful plugins for developers.

Best Plugins for Developers

1) Theme Check

plugins for developer _5 Theme Check is a plugin that best helps developers rate their themes against the WordPress theme coding standards and best practices. This plugin checks your new theme against the current coding standards and all the requirements for the theme to be functional. It checks the files like theme screenshots, author information, and licenses. If you want to develop themes that are up to WordPress standards this plugin is a must-have. It helps you keep up with the WordPress coding standards without worrying about likely mistakes in your code.

Download Theme Check

2) User Switching

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Developers User switching can be described as the developer's best time-saver. Ever wondered how to quickly log in and log out from your WordPress site in order to view how other viewers see your website? You don’t have to keep logging in and out of your site, you can now use this plugin to switch between different users, saving you a great deal of time. This plugin allows you to switch between registered users without having to login in and out. When you install and activate, you will see a new menu on the WordPress admin bar called Switch off. With a click on a button, you can easily and quickly switch WordPress users.

Download User Switching

3) Query Monitor

plugins for developer_1 Query Monitor is a plugin for every developer who wants to make debugging an easy task. This plugin has advanced features that you will not see in other debugging plugins and it is absolutely useful for debugging both plugins and WordPress themes. This plugin adds a toolbar on your admin bar and will continually show you query data such as Ajax calls, Php errors, and HTTP requests. You have to try this plugin to appreciate its ability to making debugging easier for both novice and experienced developers.

Download Query Monitor

     4) RTL Tester

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Developers If you are a WordPress theme developer they may appeal to a wide range of clientele across the globe. One of the communities of users you need to pay attention to is those that read and write from right-to-left, commonly abbreviated as RTL. RTL tester was created just for this kind of assistance, this plugin adds a button to your site admin bar and you can switch the content between left and right text direction. It is useful for testing WordPress themes and plugins with right to left (RTL) text direction.

Download RTL Tester

5) Debug Bar

plugins for developer_3 Debug bar is another exceptional debugging plugin that adds a debug menu on your WordPress admin bar that displays cache, query, and important debugging information. I like this plugin since I can tell from a single click the total queries, total queried time, and memory usage that is absolutely useful for debugging. This plugin also shows you Php warnings and notices but you need to ensure your WordPress error reporting is enabled in wp-config.php

Download Debug Bar

6) Regenerate Thumbnails

plugins for developer_6 Regenerate thumbnails allow developers to regenerate all the thumbnails from the image library in the new sizes that they prefer. With a single click, you regenerate all the thumbnails something that saves time that would be spent generating one thumbnail after another. If you are looking for a perfect solution to regenerate thumbnails as you develop themes, this plugin should be your first choice!

Download Regenerate Thumbnails

7) Log Deprecated Notices

plugins for developer_7 WordPress is continually evolving and some functions get deprecated with each WordPress version update and following all these deprecated functions can be an uphill task. After all, you have all the time to spend on this kind of task while there is a plugin that can help you know what functions have been depreciated. This plugin lists all the deprecated functions when they are found in a theme or plugin. It also offers you alternatives making it the developer’s best friend.

Download  Log Deprecated Notices

8) Debug this

plugins for developer_8 This plugin allows developers to see the frontend of a WordPress installation through the admin bar and has forty-nine debug modes. You can render page analysis for both CSS and JavaScript, you can debug menus, widgets, and sidebars. It has a variety of PHP modes that include defined functions, constants, classes among many more. It helps you to save time by allowing you to surface any WordPress or PHP server data without having to hardcode debug scripts or run complex tests.

Download  Debug this

9) Developer

plugins for developer_9 This is the ultimate plugin for testing your WordPress development environment. This plugin checks and ensures that your development environment is configured correctly including the plugins, constants, and other settings. This plugin helps developers develop by optimizing their environment and ensuring essential tools and plugins are installed.

Download Developer

10 Advanced Custom Fields

Best WordPress Plugins for Developers Advanced Custom Fields plugin is a perfect solution for any developer looking for a way of building a content management system on WordPress easily and fast. It helps you create multiple visual fields and you can select from a wide range of input types like text, textarea, image file, links, post object, radio buttons, date picker, gallery among many more features. This plugin helps you build a CMS without having to code many files; it utilizes native WordPress custom post type and offers a limitless solution for creating flexibility in WordPress.

Download Advanced Custom Fields


There are millions of plugins out there that are useful to developers but these 10 are an absolute necessity for any WordPress developer. These plugins help WordPress developers in saving time during development and debugging. I would recommend these plugins to any developer who wants to be on top of their game. This is my list of the best WordPress plugins for developers, I would like to hear from you about plugins that you find useful in your day-to-day web development work. Please leave me a comment about your favorite plugin for WordPress development and debugging.