In this article, we’ll provide some great advice and insights for WordPress Developers and Programmers. We’ll also highlight our key opinions on the overall program and its performance. The insights provided in later sections of this article are related to the development and programming aspects of WordPress and its websites while the article concludes by giving a brief highlight of what are some of the most efficient ways of interacting with the WordPress community.

Key Recommendations For Developers

Utilize All WordPress Resources

If you wish to perform a number of operations without writing too many codes per individual request, then WordPress core is the most ideal framework for you. It has much more capacity than the developers usually think including some highly rated APIs along with built-in functions.

Utilizing complete WordPress resources can result in a lot of effort-saving and efficient programming. It reduces considerable time in coding and also provides a better framework for your websites. Having said that according to Amy Hendrix, coding is something that strengthens the WordPress foundations, it most definitely will result in fewer conflicts and security breaches if done correctly. The developers have to find a balance between the both, in order to find the right solution for their clients.

Use Hooks

Using hooks is one way to modify your core WordPress files, there can be two different kinds of hooks that are termed Actions and secondly Filters. The hook named action represents areas to possibly place and execute the codes within WordPress, while filters could be used to change the resulting output or modify coding systems. A programmer who is working with WordPress themes and Plug-ins then is recommended to extend all the hooks that are available within the system.

Implementing Hooks Creatively

For many advanced developers at WordPress, creativity is something that takes their programming to another level, in this scenario creating customized hooks is one great way to implement creativity in WordPress websites, this further gives an opportunity for contributors to add value by making customized add-ons.

Writing Secure Code

The security of your coding system is essential, especially when you are working on plugins and also themes. The vulnerability of your website to external attacks on the internet puts up a negative impact on the credibility of your site.

Following The Best Habits

Duff and Williams suggest some useful insights that top developers should be working on, for example, making sure your data processing methods are correct and according to the defined benchmarks. Incorrectly following or working on one statement or variable can result in completely incorrect coding as it can have a topple-down effect on your set framework. The defined WordPress coding instructions are something that all top developers should be sticking to, the reason being, it provides for all the necessary structure and criteria that a certain website should be working on before it goes through the process of programming.

Accept The Coding Base

Top WordPress developers from 10up advise users to study and understand the coding base of the WordPress program, as they claim that relying on searches and random queries without even understanding the basic context that goes on in coding is like attempting to fix something from outside while the problem remains underneath. Programs like Integrated Development Environment can offer multiple solutions and automated coding, you can use software like PhPStorm to run this environment. They offer auto-coding for numerous WordPress statements, functions, and commands as well as display them for your knowledge. This way you can easily see the documentation related to your codes and functions of the program and jump onto different classes in order to analyze them in detail. The coding system of WordPress might sound too irrational or scary at first, however, once you get hang of it, then there is nothing too complicated. Studying the code also helps you identify weak loops and areas that are susceptible to errors, you can further strengthen them. Finally, the coding structure provided to you through such software will enable provide an opportunity for you to contribute something of your own that all the other WordPress users can gain knowledge and add value from, provided you have fully understood the basics of the entire system.

Sharing Your Code

All codes in WordPress are open-source by function and nature, which means anything that a user or a developer feels, should be added on in order to make the code more functional, then it’s easy to share the insight on community and get feedback. The same thing goes for plugins. In WordPress plugins could be tested before actually being used for any website, and if the user feels that there is something missing and he can add more value to it, then it really could provide some good grounds for all other developers to benefit from and not just you. According to a top developer of WordPress, if you have only worked on a project individually, then you probably are losing out on a lot of different approaches to complete the same project, WordPress community can help you identify these if you continually interact and share your activities.

Using The Different Types Of Custom Posts

Defining custom-made codes for specific post types is another additional way to show creativity in WordPress. For example, if you set custom codes for posts like images, then everyone working with you on the project as a team will be able to identify it the moment they upload similar custom content.

Know Your User

Whenever we are doing a project on WordPress, the end objective is to get external users to benefit from it after it's completed and uploaded for example a website, so understanding those users who in the future are going to be related to your project is extremely important.

Providing Support

Providing support is very important, it keeps an ongoing interaction with those who are either experts or in the same field hence creating a productive discussion forum. It’s easier to work all alone, assuming everything is perfect, but a good developer always looks for opinions and areas of improvement to show more efficacy and effectiveness.

Recommended Tools For Developers

There are a number of tools recommended for WordPress developers:

  • The developer tool plugin, for example, is used to eliminate all notices that can help boost your website’s performance.
  • The sublime Text2 tool is another cross-platform tool that can help improve the efficiency of your WordPress coding.

Managing Your WordPress Site

Keeping Your Site Secure

Security on WordPress sites cannot be stressed enough, without properly secured pages and sites your work cannot be appreciated. The website’s credibility also goes considerably down if it is open to malicious activities on the internet. You can use the following practices in order to keep your site secure:

  • Do not use an outdated server.
  • Limit access, do not allow everyone to have complete ownership or permission to modify and change files.
  • Manage your password; make sure they are not easily recognizable.

Running Your Business

Collaborative Projects

Running collaborative projects on WordPress is a great idea, despite the fact that a lot of individual freelancers make a good amount of money by working on their own. However, collaborating on projects gives you a chance to interact with people outside and learn great things about projects or websites. This can give you additional learning and experience as well as teach you different ways of approaching new projects or provide an expert opinion on existing ones.

Know Your Mobile Audience

The importance of mobile audience is growing, so the websites need to be mobile friendly as well, it is important to understand this growing phenomenon and address the needs of this sector of the audience. Consumption of mobile-friendly websites has increased quite a lot, which means that modern websites in order to be successful should have mobile adaptability if it wants to reach a wider base of audience, people who prefer to use smartphones to access the internet.

Reducing Support Load

Providing support is one thing, working on reducing the support load is another. Developers recommended consistency in the way you approach and work on your projects in order to achieve this factor. If you successfully reduce support load, as a developer, you will be able to achieve:

  • High-value and reliable codes for your projects by giving more time and effort.
  • Assign the right plugins and themes to your WordPress websites
  • Using the right set of skills, tools, and functions with respect to projects.
  • Designing high-value, self-explanatory user interfaces for your customers.


Finding A Niche

WordPress as a whole program consists of a lot of areas where people can specialize on for example coding. It is important for a top developer to have areas identified where he is at his optimum level and most efficient. Realizing your strength will allow you as a developer to furnish and excel in key areas so your weaknesses are nullified by the highlights of those particular examples where you have delivered on the benchmarks.

Teaching Your Clients

At the speed with which technology is changing, often clients find themselves not aware of a lot of things, it's important for developers to continually educate their clients and do not allow them to make bad choices. For example, if you think your client's suggestions might have a negative impact on the website in terms of security, then educate them and make them realize it is not the right approach.

Getting Active In The WordPress Community

The best part about WordPress is that it continues to evolve based on many different minds working on all kinds of different projects, whilst addressing the issues that come up as a team. This is done through an active platform called WordPress Community. Being an active user and a contributor in this community has some great advantages. It allows you to get recognition from experts, follow advice on issues, raise a red flag on something you feel could be a problem, or just interact and get to know what is going on in the WordPress space.

Interacting with the community also results in providing opportunities for you to work on projects that you might not get otherwise. It also allows you to become part of a team that is already working on some big project and is looking for new developers.


After you have developed a comfort level with WordPress and its community, try to contribute something on occasion. It does not necessarily have to be an invention of some sort of an update of large magnitude. Your contribution could be anything that will help other users to improve their work efficiency and quality. WordPress's reason for the growth is these small contributions from active programmers that make it extremely user-friendly and open to changes in order to facilitate improvements instantly rather than waiting for some big technology shift.

Concluding Recommendations

In the final section of this article we will recommend some practices and attitudes that should be the traits of a top WordPress Developer:

  • Actively seek solutions to underlying WordPress problems in the community, rather than randomly searching over the internet. Use your networking on the WordPress forums to look out for enhanced versions of the solutions you have.
  • Only showcase your work, when you have complete trust in your skills, your work is gladly appreciated by your client and after thorough analysis, there is a resulting issue with the coding system or website. Wrongly publishing your work can negatively impact your credibility as a developer.
  • Accept our weaknesses and look for solutions in order to improve, versatility and adaptability are important for you as a programmer, if you are rigid in your approach then this could result in limited learning.
  • Trust your instincts: After you get the complete grip on WordPress programs, then start trusting your instincts rather than opting for standard solutions of the internet. Standardized work kills all the creativity and your projects could be clichéd rather than being highly impressive.