I shared my thoughts on a conference I attended and the queries we discussed.

The question is, how would anyone start a search network?

Search mechanisms have been created in the form of websites, web pages, and text links. With time, SEO has been made more difficult ….past types have been reshaped.

Tools have been changing with time.

I will share how I would go about setting up a search tool:

Step 1: Start a pay-per-click service

You can start the campaign with keyword research tools. There are free and premium tools available in the market. Google’s Keyword Planner is one of the free tools you can start with, however, if you have the budget, you can go for premium tools such as WordTracker, Long Tail Pro, Hittail, just to name a few.

Using these research tools, you need to find the exact keywords that can convert and then use those keywords to create your Pay Per Click campaign.

Step 2: Link building

Now, the next step is to build links. Forget what many say, you can build links naturally over time. That’s truly not possible. You need to build them yourself first. For the keyword, you want to rank for, type the keyword in Google and search for the first 100 search results. Most will be your competitors but few won’t be. Search for them and send them a request to link back to you.

The point to note is that don’t ask for a link to the homepage but link to some internal pages where they can find real information about the product.

Using this method, you can build some really good links and rank for your keyword too.

Step 3: Build a Facebook page - Social Networking gets connected

Facebook is a major source of traffic for almost all websites.

Setting up one Facebook page and driving genuine traffic through it to your website may cost a few thousand dollars but it’s worth the money because search engine algorithms also take the signal of social traffic into ranking a website.

So, if you are not leveraging Facebook, you are missing 15,000 to 30,000 visitors.

Step 4: Build A Twitter Profile

Twitter is a nice alternative for driving popular traffic. We can use both the advertising section of Twitter to drive traffic. These ads do not cost much. However, if you do not have the budget to spend, you can build a free account with lots of followers and use it to get more traffic.

Step 5: Write In-depth Content

Get a blog along with a website, if you don’t have one yet. Website content isn’t often updated but blogging helps you to interact more with your visitors through the posts you publish and get direct feedback from your visitors through comments.

You can also solve their problems through the posts you write and thus gain more trust from your visitors.

So, these were the steps of creating an effective SEO campaign. Do you have any other important steps to include in this list? I would love to hear from you.