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  • Nik Nanos
    August 19, 2020 at 2:18 pm #45177


    We have a hosted WordPress site with GoDaddy and had submitted a ticket for them to update our Evolve theme to solve the issues we’ve had since the WP update.

    When they did, they said it seemed to have been customized and all that broke so they reverted. Here are the screenshots they sent – the one post update doesn’t even look like the same theme, it looks like everything would break.

    Before break: https://snipboard.io/C1PFKo.jpg
    After break: https://snipboard.io/3Ama9c.jpg

    Would this issue be fixed if I 1) deactivate the Theme4Press core plugin (I have now done so) and 2) Activate the Component Shortcode plugin?

    Any help would be appreciated, we cannot properly use our site as it is and this is causing major issues for us.

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